Innopan Kitchen Components

Innopan is the kitchen component brand of Spacewood. which is the largest manufacturer of kitchen components in India with 2 decades of experience and more then 1 lakh kitchen units installed. All the products are made in state-of-the-art factory covered over an area of 15 acres. The factory is completely integrated with most advanced melamine press, CNC routers, Membrane press etc. Spacewood specializes in PUR edge banding technology which makes product 100% water resistant.

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Kitchen Fronts

  • Membrane MDF
  • Membrane Supertuff HDF
  • Polymer MDF
  • PU (Lacquered)
  • Acrylic Plywood
  • HPL Plywood
  • Clear / Lacquer Glass
  • Aluminum- G55, G50, G20, GL16 Profiles


  • HMR Particle Board
  • MDF
  • BWR Plywood
  • Supertuff HDF

Supertuff HDF Foil Shutters

  • Edgless / Seamless / Joitnless
  • Strength of plywood
  • Water | Termite | Fungus Resistant


# Properties SUPERTUFF HDF STD MDF BWR Plywood
Strength Density 800 KG/M3 700 KG/M3 600 KG/M3
Water Resistant Water Swelling 24HRS NIL 5% NIL
Screw Withdrawal Face
2177 N
1716 N
1500 N
1345 N
2000 N
1200 N
Internal Bonding Glue Bonding Strength 1.01 N/mm2 0.75 N/mm2 0.55 N/mm2
Load Deflection With 20KG Load 1.8mm 2.1mm 2.6mm

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