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Membrane Range

Membrane Pressed Shutters

Base Material : MDF / Supertuff HDF in 18 - 19 mm thickness

Finishes :

  • German high gloss, designer wood grains and standard foils.
  • Jointless and seamless 3 dimensional lamination technology.Tried and tested for 15 years with more than 1 lakh kitchens.
  • Foils used are 400 micron thick Anti Scratch and UV Coated.
  • The shutters are water resistant, fire resistant and termite resistant.

Regular Profile

Acrylic Range

Acrylic Plywood - Super Gloss Surface From Italy

  • 1.4 mm acrylic on both sides of Plywood.
  • Edge banded on four sides that are pressed on shutters with PUR adhesives which leaves no glue line.
  • Technologically engineered materials aid aesthetic looks.
  • Used by the most renowned kitchen brands across the world.

Milano Acrylic

On Plywood

Reflex Glass Acrylic

On Supertuff HDF

Polymer Range

  • High gloss surface finish.
  • High scratch resistivity.
  • Composite polymer pressed on MDF.
  • High gloss edge banding with PUR adhesives.

HPL Range

HPL Plywood -
MR + High Gloss, High Gloss and Standard Range

  • Perfect composite shutters with 1 mm HPL pressed on 16 mm water resistant plywood on high pressure hot press.
  • The technology ensures proper uniform pressing avoiding bubble formation.
  • Four sides edge banded in matching colors with PUR edge banding technology making it 100% water resistant.
  • Available in wide range with concealed handle profiles.
  • An array of color surfaces to choose from.

PU Range

  • Available in 18mm & 22mm thickness.
  • Available in one side / both sides PU color.
  • Klassic Premium shutter available in Solid & Glass / Mesh Glass in 22 mm thickness.

Glass Shutters

Glix Glass

4mm glass with aluminum frame and composite panel.

Glix Shutter

Glow Glass

2mm glass with Supertuff HDF base.

Glow Shutter

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